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Roll Off Dumpster Rentals In Medina, MN

Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

Completing a home remodeling project or a commercial office build out can oftentimes be a very labor-filled and time-consuming job. From hauling the materials to the job site, to completing the build, this process takes a long time. One way to save time in this process is to rent a roll-off dumpster. If you’re needing one of these durable waste bins for your home or commercial building in Medina, contact the pros at Nordic Waste Management today!

These dumpsters are very different from your everyday home garbage cans and the dumpsters found outside of your office building. Instead, these roll-off dumpsters are built from heavy duty metal that is able to withstand the harshest conditions and constant pounding. If you’re needing to rent one of these dumpsters for your bathroom remodeling project, commercial office renovation or just for general junk removal at your property in Medina, we have the solution.

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10 Yard Dumpster    10 yard roll off dumpster   

Perfect for smaller home remodeling projects and junk removal situations, our 10 yard roll-off dumpsters are built to last. Whether you’re throwing away used building material, old sheetrock or your accumulated junk, our 10 yard dumpsters will do the trick. This roll-off dumpster measures 7 feet wide, 3 feet tall and 16 feet long, which is equatable to 4-5 pickup truck loads of junk. Check out our 10 yard roll-off dumpster if you’re needing a heavy duty waste solution in Medina!

20 Yard Dumpster    20 yard roll-off dumpster

The next size up in our dumpster availability is the 20 yard dumpster. Measuring 8 feet wide, 5 feet tall and 16 feet long, this roll-off dumpster is large enough to handle most home renovation projects with a little bit of room to spare. Whether you’re needing to throw away your house siding, excess house junk or old carpet from your home remodel, the 20 yard dumpster will be the perfect size for your project. Using this dumpster will allow you to save an immense amount of time as it equates to 8-10 pickup truck loads of junk.

30 Yard Dumpster    30 yard roll off dumpster

The largest and most robust roll-off dumpster we have is the 30 yard dumpster. Able to handle 13-15 pickup truck loads of junk, there’s no doubt that using this dumpster will save you an incredible amount of time. Measurement specs are: 8 feet wide, 6 feet tall and 20 feet long. If you’re looking for a robust solution to handle all of your commercial construction and remodeling needs in Medina, the 30 yard roll-off dumpster is your best option.

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Dumpster Rental In Medina

Whether you’re working on a home remodeling project, getting rid of junk at the office, or completing a construction project, a heavy duty roll-off dumpster will always make the job easier. Contact Medina’s trusted dumpster rental provider at Nordic Waste Management today to learn more!


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