Commercial Dumpster Rental- Maple Grove

Commercial Dumpster Services in Maple Grove, MN

Do you need commercial dumpster services for your demolition or remodeling job in Maple Grove?

Even small construction or remodeling projects can create a lot of waste. This has to be disposed of somewhere, which can mean several costly and time-consuming trips to a local waste center. This can cause infuriating delays to your commercial project in Maple Grove. Thankfully, commercial dumpster rental services from Nordic Waste Management can prevent this problem.

Specialist Commercial Dumpster Services

At Nordic Waste Management, we offer three different sizes of roll-off dumpsters that can be used for any waste produced by your commercial project in Maple Grove. Based on the size of the job at hand, our professionals can advise you on which dumpster size you need to use. Our commercial dumpsters are available in these sizes:

  • 10-yard dumpsters: Ideal for smaller projects such as bathroom renovations. Hold as much waste as five pickup truck beds.
  • 20-yard dumpsters: Perfect for bigger landscaping jobs. Capable of holding ten pickup truck beds of waste.
  • 30-yard dumpsters: Best for large-scale construction projects. Can hold as much waste as 15 pickup truck beds.

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Our commercial dumpsters can be used to clear materials such as concrete, dirt, carpets, drywall, metal and wood. The only items you cannot dispose of in our commercial dumpsters are hazardous materials and yard waste.

First-Class Commercial Dumpster Services in Maple Grove

Waste disposal is often the biggest obstacle to a commercial project. To keep waste from piling up and delaying your construction or remodeling job in Maple Grove, contact Nordic Waste Management today!


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