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6 Yard Light Dumpsters

6 Yard Light Dumpster Services

Are you looking for 6 yard light dumpster rentals for clearing out your home in Minnesota?

When you want to do a big clearout of your attic or basement or you need to complete a small renovation project, lugging several loads of junk to the dump is annoying and time-consuming. That’s where the 6 yard dumpsters from Nordic Waste ManagementĀ can help you out.

6 Yard Light Dumpsters

Our 6 yard light dumpsters are ideal for home clearouts, small-scale renovation projects and small landscaping jobs. 6 yard dumpsters can typically hold the same material as 1 Ā½ pickup truck beds, saving you several costly and messy trips to the waste disposal center.

We can offer 6 yard light dumpsters to rent for both residential and commercial projects in the greater Twin Cities metro. These dumpsters are ideal for decorating companies dealing with small renovation jobs, like bathrooms or offices. These light dumpsters are also a good size for residential customers who want to clean out their attic, basement or spare bedroom. Our 6 yard dumpsters can also be used to dispose of materials such as concrete and garden waste.

Due to their smaller size and weight, our 6 yard light dumpster can be used in situations where larger, heavier dumpsters can’t. If you need to fit a dumpster on a narrow driveway, into an alley or onto a deck, a 6 yard light dumpster is the best choice for you. Another advantage of our 6 yard dumpsters is that they can still be delivered and used in the Twin Cities when road weight restrictions are in effect from March to May.

6 Yard Light Dumpster Rentals in Minnesota

When you’re working on a waste disposal project in a tighter space, our 6 yard dumpsters are the ideal size. Contact Nordic Waste Management today to rent a light dumpster in the Twin Cities area!


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